Closed meetings, covid 19

Closed Meetings Monday 7 am Wake Up 9 am Wake Up Living Free Recovery on the Cross Bronx Dewey of Don’t Glad in Recovery Evening Serenity Group Recovery in the 80’s Just For Today #1 Four Corners Let There Be Life Happy Hour Turning it Over Midday Miracles Beach Miracles 7:00 PM Brooklyn’s Men’s Rapp Life on Liverpool 6:30 PM Serenity on Flatlands 7 PM Hope in the slope (click for online meeting) Cover To Cover (click for online meeting) Village Spiritual Workshop (click for online meeting) Valley of the Dolls (click for online meeting) The war is over 8:00 PM (click for online meeting) Time to live and give 1:30 PM (click for online meeting) Tuesday 7 am Wake Up 9 am Wake Up Living Free Steps Today Recovery from the Heart Evening Serenity Group Principals before Personalities Together We Can The Ties that bind us Let There Be Life Prime Time Recovery from The Heart Recovery in the Castle Miracle on 38th Street Recurring Themes Beginning to live 6:30 PM Midday Miracles 10 am Tuesday Night Hope 6PM Midday Miracles Noon S.T.A.R. Group Relationships In Recovery Recovery in El Barrio 6:15 PM Tuesday Night Hope Bleeker Street Tuesday (click for online meeting) Wednesday 7 am Wake Up 9 am Wake Up Living Free Last Tribe Recovery on Crotona Evening Serenity Group Clean Machine Our Whole Lives Ahead of Us Bridge over troubled waters We Can Group Esperanza Today/ Moved to conference call 1 408 418 9388 Access code: 797727125# Midday Miracles Let There Be Life Listen To Learn 7 PM The Foundation Group 7:00 PM Recovery on Nostrand 8PM SOS 7:30 PM It gets better 7:30 pm Recovery Central (click for online meeting) ABCs To Recovery (click for online meeting) Y We Recover 6:00 PM (click for online meeting) Recovery by the water 8:00 pm (click for online meeting) Foundation To Recovery 7:00 PM (click for online meeting) Thursday 7 am Wake Up 9 am Wake Up Living Free Evening Serenity Group Conscious Contact Meditation Gates to Recovery Spirit Alive Workshop Saving A Life Meditation Lunch Why It Works Midday Miracles Recovery Room Recovery Island Let There Be Life It Starts Here Miracles on 20th Avenue Clavor clean and alive Recurring Themes Midday Miracles Recovery on the southside 11AM Welcome to life 7:30 PM Freedom Group 7:00 PM Aging in Recovery Women Living the Message 7:30 PM Saving a life 7:30 PM Recovery on Nostrand 8PM (click for online meeting) Second Lives (click for online meeting) Friday 7 am Wake Up 9 am Wake Up Living Free Brooklyn Heights Group Remember the Pain Flatbush Recovery Evening Serenity Group The Miracle is Alive – 4th Step Workshop Stepping Up Miracle on Friday The Little Meeting No pain No gain One Step at a Time Alive in Williamsburg Let There Be Life The Miracle Is Alive / 4th Step Workshop The Journey Continues Freedom on 57th Street From group 7PM Another Look /Conference (click for online meeting) Friday Focus (click for online meeting) Home Away From Home (click for online meeting) Alive in Williamsburg (click for online meeting) Recovery Central (click for online meeting) This must be the place (click for online meeting) Brooklyn Heights Group 6:30 PM (click for online meeting) Steps to freedom 9:00 PM (click for online meeting) The Real Deal 7:30 PM (click for online meeting) The Message is Hope 12:00 PM (click for online meeting) Saturday Saturday Morning Wake Up Soho Serenity Serenity on Saturday (Manhattan meeting) By Any Means Necessary Saturday Night Recovery Our Common Welfare Brownsville Recovery Spiritual Principals No pain No gain Nothing Macho Last Chance Cleanpoint Rebuilding in Men’s Workshop Saturday Morning Wake Up Spiritual Kindergarten Ladies Day Clean Slate\ Keep It Green Stop the drugs and live 4 PM Stop the drugs and live 6 PM It works how and why Regional women in unity 1 PM Russian Group 8:30 pm Recovering in Washington Heights 10 AM Searching for Zoom details. Angels with Dirty Faces (click for online meeting) Women on the Journey (click for online meeting) Keep It Green (click for online meeting) Cleanpoint (click for online meeting) Russian Group 8:30 pm (click for online meeting) Men’s Meeting 1 PM (click for online meeting) Saturday Morning Serenity (click for online meeting) Spiritual Kindergarten 7 PM (click for online meeting) Listen to learn 7:30 pm (click for online meeting) Meditation in practice 1:15 PM (click for online meeting) Carrying the message 2 PM (click for online meeting) Back to basics 8 PM (click for online meeting) Sunday Living on Livonia Serenity Sunday Courage to Change Free at Last Sunday Miracles Alive in Spring Creek Life in Recovery Rise and Shine Principals on Sunday Relationships Newcomers do recover Together on Sunday Beginner Meeting on Sunday Clean on Sunday Relationships on Sunday Boy’s To Men 6:00 PM Solid Foundation 7:15 pm Recovery on 150th street 1:30 PM Meditation In Practice (click for online meeting) The Only Game in Town (click for online meeting) Greenpoint Serenity (click for online meeting) Russian Group (click for online meeting) Clean on Sunday 2PM (click for online meeting) Sunday Steps 7PM (click for online meeting)