Ordering A Copy of The Impossible Dream History Book

To Order The Impossible Dream: A History of Narcotics Anonymous in New York:

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•   Limited Edition Hardcover ($25) or Trade Paperback ($15): Only 1000 copies of the Hardcover Edition were printed, and each is sealed and numbered (XXXX out of 1000).  
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New York, NY 10014

Send with a note that contains the delivery address, contact information (phone or email), and number of books, in which format, you want. You will also need to add shipping costs.   IMPORTANT: Be sure to call the RSO (212-929-7117) before writing the check, in order to confirm the cost of shipping, so you can include that in your check or money order.  
Questions and Answers
  Q:   What History Does This Book Cover? A:   The events and background that took place before the California inception of N.A., through Greater New York Region’s first Freedom Convention.   Q:   Who Wrote This Book? A:   The Greater New York Regional Service Conference History Book Ad Hoc Subcommittee, as a continuing project from 2007 to 2015. As it unfolded, each member who served over the years on the subcommittee was committed to fact-based integrity, and did their work completely unpaid and completely professionally. The entire book project was managed by and reported on to the Greater New York Regional Service Conference, bimonthly.   Q:   Is This “NA Approved Literature”? A:   The answer is yes. The literature designation “Conference Approved” and “Fellowship Approved” are only the provenance of the Narcotics Anonymous World Service Conference. Those literature identifiers define book and literature projects proposed by our Fellowship in its world wide entirety, and carried forth and owned by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. “The Impossible Dream – A History Of Narcotics Anonymous In New York” is in the category of “NA Approved Literature” since it is the result of the duly-appointed Greater New York Regional Service Conference History Book Ad Hoc Subcommittee managed by The Greater New York Region which serves all of the Home Groups of GNYR. It is a locally relevant history book completed through GNYR service structure procedure.