Do You Need Help with a Drug Problem?

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You have arrived at this page because you clicked on the “Do You Need Help?” link on the Home Page.
You have a couple of options if you wish to ask for help dealing with your own problem of addiction:
1. You can attend an N.A. meeting near you. At that meeting, raise your hand and ask for help, or approach an N.A. member before or after the meeting. Get phone numbers and literature. Make contact with other addicts in recovery.
2. You can call the regional helpline at 212-929-NANA (6262) or reach out to other areas via their sites:
  Greater New York Region
  Individual Member Areas
3. You can contact us directly by email.
If the problem is with a friend or family member, we can only be of limited help, as N.A. is a program of personal recovery. We do not provide any intervention, detoxification or rehabilitation services. These services should be provided by trained and certified professionals in a clinical setting. In any case, feel free to attend an open meeting of Narcotics Anonymous if you want to find out more.


Open meetings allow anyone to attend. Closed meetings are limited to only those who believe that they may have a problem with personal drug addiction. The table below has a list of open meetings in Downstate New York. You can also use the main meeting search to find open NA meetings.