GNYR Impossible Dream Fundraising Committee May meeting

The Greater NY Region Impossible Dream I Convention Fundraising Committee is holding its May session on Friday May 18th, due to Memorial Day weekend.

They will meet at the RSO, 6 pm. 154 Christopher Street, Buzzer 11, Suite 1A

Come help us put on fun, memorable events that will help us raise funds to pay for all the things that are needed for this convention to be OFF THE CHARTS!

The Fundraising Committee will also be holding a special session on Friday June 8th, the night before the June 9th event, to organize for that event.

Even if you don’t want to commit to the committee, come and help us out. We’ve got a lot of supplies we need to bring from the RSO to the venue, set everything up at the venue, break everything down and bring it all back to the RSO.