Checking Meetings for Proper Longitude and Latitude

It’s entirely possible that meetings may have a legitimate address, but their longitude and latitude are set incorrectly. That’s because the address and longitude/latitude position don’t automatically correspond. There’s several very good reasons for this that we won’t go into now. This does mean, however, that the Meeting List Administrator needs to explicitly set the longitude and latitude of a meeting after entering the address.

This is done by pressing a button in the editor. If there is no map shown, the button will be called “Set Longitude and Latitude to Address”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.28.22 AM

If there is a map shown, this button will be called “Set Map to Address”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.28.36 AM

If you press this button, the editor will do its best to resolve the address that you entered into a longitude and latitude. You should check it after pressing the button, and make sure that it properly reflects the address. If these buttons are not pressed, then the default longitude and latitude will be used, which will place the meeting in the middle of Connecticut.

Now, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the long/lat be set correctly. If it is not, the meetings will not show up properly in map searches. They may print correctly, but they will not be returned as results when performing location-based searches.

Here are some links that will help you to identify any meetings that have this problem. The way these work, is they will open up another page with text. If this text is


then it’s OK.

However, if the text is like this:


That means that you have meetings with the problem.

What you do, is enter the number given into the search text box in the administration (Meeting Editor Search for Meetings) console. You can add multiple numbers, separated by commas.

You can then fix each errant meeting.

Here are the links. These will open a new tab or page. Hopefully, the page will only have “”, which means you are OK.

You will always be able to come back here and try out the link at any time, or just bookmark the link.

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