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Printable Meeting Lists Now Up To Date!

As of November 2021, printable meeting lists, located on the left hand tab of the meetings page, are now up to date with all meetings currently meeting in person! Although the lists will be updating more often due to meetings re-opening, please feel free to print them out and share them at your in-person meetings, […]

Re-Order Point Report

There are several ways, listed are two, of which the first will be most useful. Two important points to note are: 1. These report will appear semi-useless until all the reorder points are fixed (it is a manageable number to fix) 2. On the first report, low inventory will appear if: inventory is 1) below […]

GNYR Web Store Now Open

The new Greater New York Region Web Store is now open and available for individuals to make secure online purchases. Thanks so much for your patience while we worked to ensure that it is secure and works well.

Welcome to Your New Web Site

We’ve finally gone and done it. We’ve restructured a site that has been pretty much the same for 12 years. The idea was to give you guys a modern site that plays well with portable devices, and will also include a brand-new Web store (Which is currently still under construction). Please let us know if […]

Checking Meetings for Proper Longitude and Latitude

It’s entirely possible that meetings may have a legitimate address, but their longitude and latitude are set incorrectly. That’s because the address and longitude/latitude position don’t automatically correspond. There’s several very good reasons for this that we won’t go into now. This does mean, however, that the Meeting List Administrator needs to explicitly set the […]