Office Hours

October 2021 RSO Store and Local Pickup Hours “C” indicates closed, hours AM except where noted Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 26 C 27 8-12 28 12-3 29 C 30 8-10 1 5-7PM 2 C 3 10-1 4 8-12 5 C 6 9-1 7 5-7PM 8 5-7PM 9 12-2 10 C 11 8-12 […]

RSO re-opens on June 21, 2021!

Great news everyone, The RSO re-opens on June 21, 2021, for all walk-in business. We welcome all members to purchase literature, medallions, and service material. We are also offering significant discounts on Russian, Spanish literature. Please be advised, we will be exercising precautionary measures to ensure your, our safety as well. The meeting space will […]

Webinars (from NA World Services)

Hello, We are writing to let you know about our March webinars and remind you that you can get involved with the Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project. Webinars! Mark your calendars. We are organizing not one but two webinars next month open to any interested member. Flyers for both are posted on our webinar […]

Update Group Order spreadsheet

Directions to Update Group Order spreadsheet . download form file from : . note this is an .xltx file . open with excel . go to file>permissions>unprotect . enter password for spreadsheet (tBkiyNCBckC2wjNsKCXaDxqv) . make edits (google and use “how to edit xltx file” as needed) . save file using “file>save as”. Recommend incrementing […]

Re-Order Point Report

There are several ways, listed are two, of which the first will be most useful. Two important points to note are: 1. These report will appear semi-useless until all the reorder points are fixed (it is a manageable number to fix) 2. On the first report, low inventory will appear if: inventory is 1) below […]