GNYR Service Resources

The Greater New York Region has several service bodies that have been formed to serve the GNY Member Area Services. These service bodies provide resources, time and advice to the members of N.A. in the Greater New York Region by providing such services as:

  • Purchasing literature in bulk, and selling it at a discount to the member ASCs.
  • Providing a framework to coordinate bringing the N.A. message to hospitals and institutions.
  • Providing qualified N.A. members to give presentations to facilities wishing to find out more about N.A.
  • Maintaining this Web site, and providing support to member ASCs for their own information.
  • Maintaining the Regional printed meeting list.
  • Providing the N.A. members of Greater New York with a voice at the World level of Narcotics Anonymous Service.
  • Providing an umbrella insurance coverage policy to groups and ASCs that belong to the Greater New York Region.